Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Innovative Ideas to Keep Your Brand Image Alive Amidst the Pandemic

No one can venture out unnecessarily during these days because of the fear and regulations of a pandemic. People are shopping for groceries and essentials. During such a trend and time, many fashion and luxury brands are trying to keep in touch with their customers through social media.

The biggest dilemma is on the use of social media effectively for marketing and promotions. Some large brands might manage with their extensive marketing budgets, but smaller brands need to find out more creative ways to keep up their market stand.

Many brands are trying to keep their customers engaged through interactive conversations and virtual games and contests and give away promotional gifts as prices to the winners. This keeps there customer community intact. The gifts need not be very expensive, but should be practical and should be reusable like tote bags to keep the brand image alive.

Order custom reusable bags in bulk from Custom Earth Promos and remain connected with your customers during these stressful times. They make bags from recycled materials which give a unique and positive touch to the reusable bags and also keep us connected with our environment. Such eco-friendly bags will also upscale your reputation as a business, which is connected with the roots.

Ideas to keep your customer interaction intact

  • An online dance competition or an outfit challenge can be interesting as many people are spending their days in boredom.
  • Do home photo shoots with your models and encourage your customers with positive attitude during stressful times.
  • These home ads enable the models to come in light in neutral ways and give your brand an authentic image.
  • Make engaging content and simple challenges that can keep your customers engaged and later praise their work with simple yet meaningful gifts.

How to enhance brand image through packaging?

A simple paper bag with logo goes straight into the dustbin of most customers. While sales are limited during covid-19 pandemic, you need to think out of the box to keep the image of your brand alive. One such way is to improve your packaging in ways that will keep reminding your customers of the brand’s product line. Here are some tips to do the same:

  • Use duffle bags instead of regular plastic bags. Get your logo printed on basic colors. These bags can be easily used for daily needs shopping.
  • Use natural raw materials like jute to create bags that can be used in many practical ways and also look authentic.
  • Choose neutral colors like white, red, or black so that a customer of any age and gender can carry it without feeling awkward.
  • Add inserts like thank you notes or tissues or satin cloth to make it appear more like a gift box. Gifts essentially give a feel good message in the minds of customers.

Sales are definitely the lowest since the pandemic has broke down. However, this can’t keep a business from running. You only need to get more creative with your campaign to keep your loyal customers engaged and even create a new customer base.