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Few simple steps to swaddle your baby  

When your child walks into the nursery for the first time, they are likely to be wrapped in a cute little bag when they come back. Only their fluffy head can show it, as the nurse knows one of the secrets of a happy and calm baby: baby swaddle.  Swaddling is an ancient method of covering newborns with a bed sheet or a thin cloth. It is great (who does not like an infant burrito!), but it also helps keep your favorite peas calm and sleep healthier. It is how:

A swaddle can help your baby feel safe as he adjusts to life outside the womb. Swaddle prevents your arms and legs from relaxing and wakes you up. The swaddle keeps your baby warm and comfortable until the internal warmth takes effect.  In short, there are many good reasons to try this ancient method, but finding a way to do it yourself (especially when you feel blind) can be a bit daunting.  Here you will find step-by-step instructions for professionally complying with safe swaddling technology.

Instructions for swaddling step by step:

It seems crucial to master baby swaddle, but changing a baby’s swaddle requires a few steps.  Learn how to wrap a baby in a blanket, including how to hold the baby in his arms. More tips for handling babies who move like diapers:

Find a flat surface:

Spread the baby diaper into a diamond shape and place it on a flat surface (such as a bed) with a coin. Fold about 6 inches from the top corner.

Lay the baby on his back on the blanket:

His head should rest on the elastic edge of the blanket, and his body should be at the bottom.

Squeeze the babys’ left arm:

Then wrap the baby’s left arm and chest on the left side of the blanket. Place the blanket on the right arm and under the back. At this time, your child’s left hand is protected, and the other hand is free.

Raise the floor:

Place the baby’s body on the lower corner of the blanket and place it under the surface of the first counter. Extend the child’s right arm and extend it over the child’s torso.

Fix the closet:

Gently turn it to tuck it under the baby’s blanket.  Remember some vital things: The blanket should not be too tight, but it is good. Place two or three fingers between the baby’s chest and the blanket. The blanket should be loose around your hips so that you can move around freely.