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Pair up your wedding bouquet with your wedding dress style

A graceful and stylish combination of your bridal bouquet and wedding gown is just like you and your partner. The bridal bouquet is the most important accessory for your wedding day and it is truly hard to select from a stunning variety of wedding bouquets. Finding the perfect bouquet that complements your wedding dress and makeup helps you enough to nail your wedding day look.

A few simple tips can help you to match your bridal bouquet choice to that of your wedding dress.

  • Match both styles:

As you find modern and traditional styles in your wedding dress, the same is the case for bouquets too. Traditional shapes include round and nosegay bouquets that simply go with traditional wedding gowns. While to meet up with the contemporary style of your wedding dress, arm sheaf bouquets and hand-tied bouquets are the perfect options.

  • Shape and size:

It is important to select a wedding gown that matches your natural proportion. Similarly, select a bouquet that perfectly suits you. An overwhelming floral bunch or something too tiny in your hands can ruin your overall bridal look. The shape of the bouquet is a key feature that highlights your dress details and natural features that you want to draw attention to.

  • Match the bouquet with the overall theme:

Your wedding theme and overall wedding style can be summed up in a single bouquet in your hand. Find the design and flowers that signify the overall effect. Add flowers in your bouquet that are also part of your wedding décor and table centerpieces.

  • Make it little extra special:

Keep the lines and effects you use in your jewelry similar to your bouquet to match the tiny details in your looks. Like if you are keeping your wedding gown relatively simple with wearing sparkly jewelry, it is an option to add some sparkling accessories like a brooch to your bouquet.

  • Strike the right balance:

It is essential to balance your wedding dress and accessories in the most effective way to create a cohesive look. Pairing detailed accessories with elaborately embellished wedding gown will draw the details win chaos while simple accessories with soft lacy gown will fade overall look. It is advised to choose a simple silhouette for a minimalist gown.

  • Aware of the exact color of your dress:

Wedding dresses come in different shades of white and that is why the effect of your bridal bouquet differs with every shade of white. To match the bouquet with any shade of white it is good to collect a swatch of fabric from your gown before meeting with your florist.

Create a perfect wedding look:

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