Well, nothing can be better for a woman than buying shoes. But, not to forget, shopping for walking shoes is not to be mistaken with any other fashion shoe shopping. Ask a podiatrist and he would vouch on the necessity of high performance womens walking shoes while undertaking the physical training.

As an essential walking gear, a pair of good walking shoes are recommended by experts for women. It is essential not only to gain the maximum support but also to be away from any minor to major injuries, especially while involved in longer walks.

Types of walking shoes for women according to purpose

Among the different built and shades to choose from, according to podiatrists functionality must be the priority. Based on the purpose, womens walking shoes can be categorized under,

  • Overall walking shoes
  • Lightweight walking shoes
  • cushioned walking shoes
  • Walking shoe for travel
  • Walking shoe for hiking
  • Value walking shoe
  • Walking shoe for high arches
  • Sandals for walking
  • Slip on walking shoes

Tips to choose the best pair for the perfect walk

  • Choose the end of the day for shopping – try to go shopping at the end of the day since feet are prone to be swollen and be at their biggest by the end of the day.
  • Be aware of your actual fit than listed size – try not going for the printed size of the pair. Not only do your feet and foot size changes but also for the fact different brands have different list of sizes. Also, select the size while keeping a mental note that some space must be present between the longest toe and the front of the shoe. Often, one foot is slightly longer than the other. In that case, choose according to the longer foot fit.
  • Flexible and proper fit – different people have different needs. Some may want the extra cushioning to support longer walks while others might need the motion controlling ones. Ideally, flexibility and proper fittings must be met for every walker.
  • Determining the purpose is also important – nothing is without purpose and determining your intended purpose with the shoes, you can get the right ones. Check on the features of the shoes and identify the purpose that your shoes must serve. There are varied categories of walking shoes and the features will help you to choose the perfect fit for your purpose
  • Orthotics for problematic foot – if you have some issues with your foot, like chronic pain, experts and medical practitioners would recommend the use of orthotics. Consult a doctor before you try out an orthotics.

Women tend to use a wide variety of footwear but walking shoes must be chosen with care and according to specific needs.