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How to layer your clothes and look good

Layering clothes well creates a functional and pleasing look. It works seamlessly for spring and autumn, with pieces you can take off or add to allow for changeable temperatures. Layers using the right materials can also suit summer and winter weather.

Practical layering

Retaining heat is an obvious advantage of layering in a practical sense. Taking care over clothing choices and ensuring each layer is stylish in its own right means that you still look good if you are warm and need to take a piece off. Equally, if you start to feel cold, a well-chosen piece will finish the look off whilst warming you up.

For additional heat management, there are ingenious fabrics available to wick away sweat and keep you comfortable and smart. These are often useful as an underlayer that would not be designed to be a visible part of the outfit. Thicker or absorbent outer layers will move any sweat outwards and prevent rain from infiltrating.

Layering for style

It is all too common to see men in an identikit, boring outfit of shirt and jeans; therefore, a few well-chosen layers can really set you apart from the crowd. A striking look can be elevated even more with a pair of good-quality, stylish shoes and a watch.

Beyond your undergarments, the key to layering is choosing items stylish and interesting enough to be worn on their own and then combining them. If you are choosing a shirt, look for something stylish with a hem short enough to be hidden under outer pieces, such as one of the EJ Farah shirts. Take particular care that any blazers are not longer than the coat worn over them during cold spells.

An interesting element of wearing a layered look is the potential to work with colour. A simple outfit of a T-shirt and jeans will probably involve limited colours; however, the colour choices really open up by adding vests, jumpers, scarves, coats, pocket squares and hats. This will require more careful selection and consideration of which colours complement one another, but it can lead to a significantly more interesting and diverse look. Pick just one or two bright colours to lift an outfit, keeping the rest more muted.

With careful selection, layering clothes can lift your look whilst providing practical choices whatever the weather.