Monday, November 29, 2021
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How to Develop Your Own Style

Styles change with the season. There are some people that are self-confident enough to create their own style. Of course, others look to sources like Rank & Style for the new clothing or fashion, beauty, or lifestyle trends. First, it is important to note that most people simply follow the prevailing trends that have captured their eye in fashion, beauty, or lifestyle magazines. Certainly, it takes a very strong and self-confident personality to create your own style. Perhaps, you look at the clothes in your closet or the beauty products on your counter and suddenly realize that you are simply following popular trends. Now, is the time to develop your own style.

Developing Your Own Style

The fact is that you do not have to invest millions or even thousands in developing your own style. It’s simple to begin developing your own unique style with the clothing and beauty products that you already have at your disposal. Get started by defining your own unique personality. For example, are you a casual individual, high maintenance, classic beauty, business like, formal, sporty, or a free spirit? Select your unique personality and build your style around that unique personality. Get busy now, selecting pieces out of your wardrobe that define that personality.

Is It Appropriate For Your Age?

Developing your own style is a wild and fun adventure. However, it is also important to note that your style should match your age, occupation, and your general lifestyle. Otherwise, your style might raise a few eyebrows and conflict with the way that you really wish to present yourself to the world. For example, you are a forty something woman executive and would like to portray a young and self-confident image to the business world. However, you are dressing like your sixteen year old teenage daughter. It’s perfectly reasonable to want to look young and self-confident. Still, make sure that your clothes are age appropriate.

Consider Your Occupation

Perhaps, you would like to update your style or develop a more intriguing personal style. Always take your occupation into consideration. For example, you work for a conservative law firm. Now, is not the time to start wearing jeans, flannel shirts, and sandals to work. Instead, invest in a great suit that reflects your unique style. Perhaps, you work at a daycare center. Now, is not the time to start wearing plunging necklines and skirts that ride up your legs. Always consider your profession, before creating your own unique style.

What’s Your Lifestyle

One of your favorite celebrities likes to rock stiletto heels on the red carpet or when she is simply hanging out with friends or family. Think twice before adopting that style. Would it match your lifestyle? For example, if you spend long days in an office or work in a classroom, this is a totally uncomfortable and inappropriate style.

Take a look in your closet. Pull out a few pieces of clothing that match your new style. Add a few appropriate accessories. Now, you are on your way to creating your own unique look.